Marine Valet Services

We offer a fully tailored valet and boat grooming service to ensure your vessel is kept in tip-top shape.

The best marine valet service in the Bay

From a general tidy up to one of our scheduled interior/exterior superior valet boat grooming services, we use proven products with our experienced team to provide the ultimate results in cleanliness and shine.
We have the best understanding of surface care in a marine environment from our extensive knowledge and experience working on all aspects of sea craft from building, painting, repairing, restoration and maintenance. This makes us a one-stop-shop for all marine maintenance and gives us the edge in achieving top performance and surface durability.

Our Products
We use cleaning and protection products that are designed for ultimate protection of your marine asset.

Tailored for you
We can easily provide a valet service to suit any vessel; from basic scheduled washing or a cut and polish right through to a full valet service including polishing all your stainless and giving your windows a new lease on life.

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Marine Valet Services before
Marine Valet Services after
Marine Valet Services in progress

Our Valet Service Options


  • Wash & Wax
  • Stainless polish
  • Hardtop wash, cut and polish
  • Cut & polish gelcoat
  • Scotchgarde protection
  • Full interior cleans
  • Day head and suit cut and polish


  • Polish interior walls / wood panels
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Polish stainless
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Rain-X window repellant


  • Carpet cleaning services

“Having worked alongside Marine Reflections for the past 10 years, we have found them to be professional, reliable and always maintaining exceptional service & standard of work.

Their incredibly talented team offer a complete vessel service management programme, as well as their outstanding new paint & re-paint work.”

Lucy Goodchap

Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd

Regular grooming can save you money

The marine environment can be tough on your boat. Regular valet grooms not only keep your sea craft looking in tip top shape but can help decrease your maintenance costs and improve surface durability.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rails should be polished annually to rid them of salt buildup and possible rust spots around the joins to the gelcoat. If left unattended, the stainless can experience a breakdown in the protective coatings, a condition known as pitting. Once pitting occurs, it is easily spread creating deep cavities and possible erosion to the rails.
Marine Valet Services including polishing all stainless steel

PVC Clears

PVC Clears are almost a must-have when out on the ocean, but they also require a lot of care to keep them in top condition. They are not a cheap accessory and caring for them is important to ensure longevity. PVC reacts to the UV within the environment which cause the plasticisers to leach out; it is those plasticisers in the PVC which offer the flexibility and visibility on the product.

A PVC conditioning product applied annually will provide continued visibility, protection against harmful UV rays and a resistance coating against sea-sludge.

Cleaning Boat PVC clears

Glass Windows

Using a glass-protection product on your glass windows in your vessel will prevent the glass from salt damage and re-seal protective coatings to limit solar-glare. A good polish will provide micro-beading which enables a clear view when the waves are lashing.
Cleaning boat windows

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