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Whether you are planning a new boat build or need repairs on your current vessel, we offer total project management services.

The right skills, the right tools, the best results.

More than just a boat painter, Marine Reflections offers complete project management solutions for all aspects of boat building, boat repairs, insurance repairs and maintenance.

Our experienced team can oversee the entire boat building project including the hull, mechanical equipment, electrical, interior cabinetry and fit-out, timber work, painting and finishing. We handle all the details and logistics to ensure that the final result meets our very exacting high standards

We can also provide quotes for repair and remedial works on your existing vessel, as well as provide quotes or advice on inspection reports. If you need insurance repair work completed on your vessel, contact the Marine Reflections team today!

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Project Management

Whether you need an owner representative or a team leader on site, Marine Reflections can remove the confusion surrounding the project process and requirements when your vessel is undoing maintenance, upgrades or modifications.

We understand your needs and provide support with recommendations, options and the right direction to achieve results in a timely manner. We have extensive knowledge of the marine industry so recommending or supplying other professional trades means you can be reassured that they will also perform to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Insurance work and repairs

It can be frustrating and time consuming dealing with insurance claims for your vessel.

Marine Reflections work with both the insurance company and you to ensure reports and repairs are completed in a timely manner. We can oversee the entire repair process and co-ordinate other trades so that insurance repairs are completed efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

This means less time running around after paperwork and more time back on the water where you want to be!

“Inside or outside, an existing boat or a whole new build; this is the crew you need to talk to.”

Regular maintenance can save you money

A regularly planned maintenance schedule for your sea craft can save you a lot financially in the future. That’s why it’s important to have mariners who understand all aspects of the marine environment. We pride ourselves on the amount of experience we have on our team. Experienced team equals faster, professional results.

Exterior Surfaces

For optimal performance and hull lifespan your vessel should be regularly washed, especially if you are travelling between marinas. An annual cut and polish and re-application of anti-foul paint will help to ensure your boat and gear lasts longer, can improve fuel efficiency and reduce vessel running costs.

Marine Reflections are also licensed applicators of Propspeed which, when applied annually, keeps your running gear and propellers in peak condition and improves fuel efficiency.

Marine Reflections Boat Building & exterior surface maintenance

Teak Decking

Teak decks are durable and can last up to 15 years – but they need care too, and should have a specialised teak protection cleaning product applied annually to keep them in good condition.

Old caulking can trap water underneath the wood, so it is best to replace any dry, cracked caulking as soon as possible. While the thought of re-caulking can be daunting, the team at Marine Reflections can take care of the job for you using a high-quality UV caulking product as part of their professional maintenance service.

Marine Reflections Boat Building total projecte management

Hull Services

The interior of your hull should be inspected once a year to check for any new issues that may cause unwanted repair costs.

Issues like cracks, corrosion, leaks and salt ingress can all cause disruption. A haul-out of the vessel will expose any unknown problems that may be troublesome. While the vessel is on the hardstand a good wash of the hull will not only enhance the speed and economy of your vessel but will also protect our marine environment. This is especially important if you travel often between waters, as this can spread aquatic pests to different locations.

If your vessel’s hull is in poor condition, then it is time to renew the anti-fouling. This should be re-applied every 1 – 2 years depending on the location your vessel is stored in and how much use the vessel gets.

Marine Reflections has an experienced team who can provide one of the fastest anti-fouling services in the Bay of Plenty. We use the highest quality anti-fouling systems to provide long-term protection to your hull.

While your vessel is still on the hardstand it is also a good time to ensure that the props are in good condition and free from any entanglement of stray-lines. A damaged prop is an inefficient prop. As we are approved Propspeed applicators we can keep you covered to guarantee the best performance from your props.

Marine Reflections boat lift to drydock
Marine Reflections boat hull preparation
Marine Reflections propspeed applicator

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