Marine Painting Services

For a luxury yacht finish on your new boat or a re-paint on your current vessel, talk to the marine coating specialists.

Marine painting is a complex task that requires the professionals

Marine Reflections are leaders in the boat painting industry and specialise in a wide range of coating applications within the marine environment. We consistently achieve the highest possible standards of finish using the latest techniques and paint technology combined with our strict quality control methods and attention to detail.

Preparation is key
To achieve the best results from the paint, the preparation needs to be precise and flawless.  Any unevenness in the fairing becomes obvious once paint is applied. Any dust or contamination on surfaces can cause the paint adhesiveness to deteriorate or cause chemical reactions within the coating.

Knowledge and Expertise
Painting your boat is a technical undertaking and product knowledge is a key part of the process. Certain products may not adhere together well, therefore when re-painting your vessel it is important that whoever is preparing the boat is also painting it. This ensures the products used will be cohesive and workmanship consistent to achieve a high-quality result.

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Marine Reflections marine painting preparation
Boat painting in progress
Marine Reflections super-yacht finish for marine painting

“I have used Marine Reflections many times over the past 8 years to paint anti-fouling, hull, topside and more. I have always found that they work to a very high standard, they communicate well about the job, give a prompt service and take pride in what they do.”

Morris B, Seahawk

The right coat for your vessel

The experienced Marine team will ensure you get the best finish for your vessel and ensure it keeps looking show-boat good year after year with regular scheduled maintenance.

Fairing & Hull Preparation

Fairing is the process of filling holes, scratches and shallow voids, reshaping contours or grinding down bumps to blend and prepare the boat hull prior to painting.

Excellent preparation is the key to an excellent paint finish. Our highly dedicated team have years of experience and a keen eye to ensure the highest quality results are achieved consistently, every time.

Fairing and hull preparation

Anti-Foul Painting

Any boat, launch or yacht that is moored in seawater can collect marine pests in the growth (biofouling) that builds up on the bottom of the vessel. Anti-fouling paints are a range of specialised underwater hull paints that are applied as the outer layer to the hull of a ship or boat to slow the growth and/or help remove subaquatic organisms that attach to a hull which can affect a vessel’s performance and durability.

Anti-foul coatings should be applied annually or if the paint has been scraped or damaged, or if persistent fouling is occurring. Marine Reflections are experts in boat maintenance and can haul, clean, prepare and apply anti-foul to your vessel as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Marine Reflections anti-foul paint application

New Boat Painting

Your new sea-craft is a luxury and an investment and the final paint finish on your vessel should reflect that. The Marine Reflections team can advise on the best coating and help you select your colour combinations to ensure an outstanding, luxurious finish that will look stunning on the water.
Marine Reflections marine painting for new boats


Restore your old tired boat and give it a new lease of life with a complete re-paint. Marine Reflections can lift, clean, repair and prepare your boat to ensure an outstanding finish. As well as improving the appearance of your vessel, painting helps to protect your boat, makes it easier to keep clean and safer to sail. Painting will protect steel and aluminium against corrosion, wood against rot and weathering, underwater areas against fouling and decks from abrasion.
Marine Reflections boat re-painting

Propspeed Application

Propspeed is a propeller and running gear foul-release coating system which is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line. Propspeed doesn’t contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances and is environmentally friendly. Applying Propspeed will protect your running gear and propellers and increase fuel efficiency, and can be successfully used in both salt and freshwater environments.

Marine Reflections is a trained applicator for Propspeed. Talk to us today about how Propspeed can improve your sea-crafts efficiency.

Marine Reflections licensed propspeed applicators

Maintenance – Lifting & Washing

Your vessel is an asset that will require regular maintenance. Ideally you should haul and wash your boat every 3 – 6 months and prior to travelling between harbours.

Some harbours require vessels to have been recently cleaned before visiting to prevent the spread of marine pests. Marine Reflections can haul out and wash your boat in our facility that contains and treats the wash-off, ensuring you are all set for your next boating adventure.

Marine Reflections boat maintenance lifting and washing

Maintenance – Exterior Surfaces

Gel-coat surfaces will naturally oxidise and will get a chalky appearance if a simple cut and wax is not performed annually. Once a gel-coat begins to oxidise, surface deterioration speeds up dramatically.

A lot of people think that if you leave a gel-coat surface for three years it will just cut and polish back to a satisfactory standard. This is not the case. If you leave a gel-coat surface for three years it typically takes 4 to 5 times longer to restore (and is more expensive) than by doing an annual cut and polish as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Marine Reflections boat maintenance on all exterior surfaces

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